8 thoughts on “Converting and Exporting Windows Photo Gallery People Tags

  1. Thanks very much for your post on migrating people tags from WLPG to LR. It works great!

    There are 2 other issues I am grappling with: :
    1. many of my old photos have no GPS data, but were “geotagged” in WLPG. The corresponding data appears correctly in LR in the Metadata “IPTC extension”. But. Is there a way using exiftool to make it also appear in the IPTC itself (Country – State/Province – City) to allow location search ?
    2. WLPG captions transfers twice: to LR: in “Title” and in “Caption” (not always though). Is there a way to avoid that ?

    Many WLPG users would be grateful if you have any help to give us on that.


    1. Glad to help. For the other issues:

      I wrote a post on the metadata fields WPG uses.

      1. You would need to copy the IPTC extension tags to the IPTC Core tags. Something like:

      exiftool *.jpg -"Location<LocationCreatedSubLocation" -"City<LocationCreatedCity" -"Province-State<LocationCreatedProvinceState" -"Country<LocationCreatedCountryName"

      I would be careful when executing this command, given that it will overwrite any values in the IPTC Core Location fields. Make sure you execute this only on the files you wish to perform the copy operation. I ran into a similar issue and decided to export all the metadata into an Excel file in order to pick which files I wanted to reconcile the metadata fields.

      2. Not that I am aware of. By design, WPG's "Caption" upon edit will overwrite various other fields such as Title, Description.

  2. I’m trying to migrate people tags from Windows Live Photo Gallery to Lightroom and/or Photoshop Elements. In what folder do I place the convert_regions.config file? Thanks

  3. Thank you!!! There was some other info that I found in adobe forums that had different fields for the second step and it wasn’t working.
    exiftool “-xmp:subject+<regionname" FolderName -overwrite_origional_in_place -m -r

    But even your second step seemed not to work as I was trying Essentials 2018 but that didn't seem to reflect any of the tags in the file other than the geo. Downloading Lightroom Classic however showed all the tags and the face boxes and names! Whoohooo!! Only problem now is that I can't justify Lightroom's subscription for my non-professional use and Essentials is apparently gimped. Reaallly miss WLPG and (secondarily) Picassa. Can't find anything else nearly as usable for organizing, tagging and light editing.

    1. Glad I was able to help!

      You mentioned “Essentials 2018”, but did you mean “Adobe Elements Organizer 2018”? If so, maybe something was changed in that version in the way the application reads MWG Region tags.

      The new Windows Photos app just recently added Face Recognition, but this information is unfortunately, not written back to the file like WPG. I still use WPG, but as of Jan 2017, it is no longer supported.

      Here are some other applications for managing photos:
      – IDImager Photo Supreme (Reads WPG People Tags).
      – Digikam (Free, also reads WPG People Tags)
      – ACDSee
      – GeoSetter (Free, I use this for geotagging alongside WPG, can also read WPG People Tags, as well as other metadata).

      Here is another post with other alternatives: https://www.geckoandfly.com/2306/alternative-photo-organizer-acdsee-10-photo-manager/

      1. Yes, I meant Elements, I just got Windows Live Essentials in my head and can’t edit after I submitted. 🙂
        I don’t have WLPG installed as I’ve rebuilt and couldn’t get it to install correctly so I was using it as a way to force me to find something as a go-forward solution. I’m still trying to force myself to stop using Digital Image Pro and use the Affinity Photo program I bought a while ago (primarily for things I scan, less so photos taken). Tough to get over the learning curve of the new thing, especially when it requires more steps to do the same thing.
        My primary data related needs are around what I shoot which is basic events with family, friends, vacations, etc so my data concerns are mainly file naming and event or area tagging (so I remember what the heck it about) and group common things together like 4th of July gatherings), geotagging, and of course people as that is the 1st or second most useful thing I use as needing finding shots of a person is the most common thing we do other than perhaps finding the photos of an event/trip/etc.
        Thanks for the other options to look at. I’ve used GeoSetter for a long time alongside WLPG and love it for what it does. I’m checking out Cyberlink’s PhotoDirector as it apparently has decent face tagging and can read existing tags (though I’m not sure which ones yet.) I really want to have a WLPG/Picassa like program where i can do all (or as close to all) data related things as well as quick/basic editing as I hate having to juggle between apps. So something like ACDSee looks great but it is out as it can’t do people.

      2. Wow, Digital Image Pro, was a good product at the time. I have tried to find a worthy replacement to Windows Photo Gallery, but I still fall back to using WPG over time, for its speed and simplicity. WPG is not without its faults but a good photo management app in the end. which covers most of my photo management needs. Microsoft should open source Windows Photo Gallery and let a community of developers keep it going.

        Some time ago I tried Photo Supreme – http://www.idimager.com/WP/?page_id=20 has decent features as well as support for Face tagging.

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